The purpose and legal basis for creating cookies

This website, like many others, uses cookies to help improve the website’s user experience and provide its stable operation. For more information on the purpose, see the table that lists the cookies.

By visiting this website, a window is displayed to the users with a message that cookies are being used on the website. If you accept the use of cookies, the legal basis for the use of cookies is the user’s consent and you acknowledge that you are familiar with the information about the cookies, the purposes of their use, and the cases when the information is transferred to third parties.

Information about the cookies

You have opened our website using one of the browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera or other.

Cookies are information that this browser obtains and stores, when you use our website. The next time you visit our website, your browser will remember your actions and will perform some of them instead of you, for example, choose the working language or control the display of the notice of the use cookies. With the help of the cookies, the website obtains the ability to save the individual settings of the visitor’s browser, to recognise them and to react accordingly.

Types of cookies and their application

Types of cookies

There are two types of cookies – session or mandatory cookies and permanent cookies. Cookies are also divided into first or third-party cookies. The above mentioned terms are explained below so that you can better understand the nature of cookies and why we use them.

Session or mandatory cookies

Session or mandatory cookies allow recognition of the browser and your device, the Internet Protocol (IP) address assigned to your device, when you visit a particular website, memorising of any changes or choices made on the particular website, so that they can be used in other sections of the website, for example: provides you access to other sections of the website of restricted access after you have successfully logged in to the website until the moment when you successfully log out. These cookies allow you to quickly and easily use multiple pages of a single website, avoiding the need to log in to the website to visit each section of the website. Session cookies are not permanent – they will stop working when you close the browser in which you were viewing the website, or stop the session on the specific website.

Permanent cookies

Permanent cookies are cookies that are stored on your device, using which you view the website for a predetermined period of time in which the time count is calculated after the end of the browsing session of the website. The saved cookies allow you to use the user’s preferences or actions on the website every time you visit this website.

First party cookies

First-party cookies are cookies that are created by our website. They can be recognised by the domain name of our website.

Third party cookies

Third-party cookies are cookies from websites that do not belong to us. The domain names of such websites are different from the domain of our website. Third-party cookies can also be stored on your device, which you use to browse our website.

Information about the person’s consent to the creation of cookies

Our website technically stores information (IP address, date, time, etc.) about your consent to the placing of website cookies on your device, as well as – information (IP address, date, time, etc.), when you withdraw your consent to place website cookies on your device.

Withdrawal of a person’s consent and restrictions on the use of cookies

You can change your cookie settings at any time in your device’s internet browser. For example, you can cancel the provided consent to save cookies by selecting a feature in your browser that allows you to reject all suggestions to store cookies. You can find these settings in the “Options” or “Preferences” menus of your web browser. You can find more information on how to configure your device’s internet browser on the following websites of internet browsers:

  • Google Chrome Help Center
  • Cookies – Information that websites store on your computer
  • Safari for macOS Sierra: Manage cookies and website data using Safari
  • Microsoft Edge, browsing data, and privacy
  • Security and Privacy in Opera (Referrals, redirections, and cookies)


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